Why Choose Northwest Maritime Academy?

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Real-life Training Situations, Flexibility Set NWMA Apart

Capt. Benjamin Garman, administrator of the Northwest Maritime Academy, outlines a few key features that make his school the best choice for maritime industry training. It comes down to equipment and flexibility, he tells his audience in his latest “NWMA Weekly” podcast, Episode 14: Why NWMA?

What Differentiates NWMA?

  • “Number one, we use actual equipment, we use all real equipment,” Capt. Garman tells his podcast partner, Chance Busey (below, right), videographer and assistant marketing director at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard. “We launch our lifeboats into water; the competition launches into a parking lot.”

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  • Northwest Maritime Academy has several different types of Fast Rescue Boats and students are able to get out on the water and train on the water, Garman continues.

“We have a fresh water lake in Seattle. We’ve got Anacortes and La Conner up there and that’s big water,” he said. “That’s the real deal. It’s very salty and very cold. That’s kind of the thing that stands us apart from the competition. We provide a more realistic training so when you’re in the field you’ll be better prepared, instead of just looking at PowerPoint.”

  • Northwest Maritime Academy is small, which gives the school flexibility and adaptability, allowing customized service that larger academies don’t offer:

— Looking to 2019, the academy administrator is working on a Basic Training Class, the first class needed for getting into the industry. “And then every five years you need the Basic Training Refresher,” adds Capt. Garman, who worked for 10 years on container ships and with the military. “We’re already approved for that, but it doesn’t really make sense to hold that and not hold the Basic Training Class.”

— Garman wants to hear from the maritime industry on what classes it wants. The Northwest Maritime Academy is willing to “make classes just for students, whereas no one else will really do that on the West Coast,” he says.

Upcoming classes at NWMA include:  Fast Rescue Boat in November; also CPR/First Aid/AED, AB, Lifeboatman and Lifeboatman Limited

— Unlike most schools, Capt. Ben points out, the Northwest Maritime Academy never cancels a class due to enrollment size. “You can stick with us knowing that your class will actually be held,” he says. “We listen to what our customers say and all the sailors say on why they went with us.”

— Finally, the Northwest Maritime Academy will come to you, the customer, Garman says.

Northwest Maritime Academy

“We can come and train on your vessel” or workplace, he explains on the podcast. “And we can move what we have scheduled around” if that is a better fit. “That’s no problem. We are a very flexible staff here, so we can do things.”

The first step is picking up the phone and letting him know your needs, Capt. Garman tells listeners.

“Because if I don’t know things, how do I know?” he said. “It doesn’t hurt to ask.”

And Remember This:

When registering for classes at Northwest Maritime Academy Calender & Registration use the Coupon Code “Winter10” for a 10 percent discount on all NWMA classes through the end of 2018.

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