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Train the Trainer Class Coming Up

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Northwest Maritime Academy Offers ‘Training Trainers’ Class 

Seattle Maritime Academy, Ballard, WA ~ Dec. 3-7, 2018

Mariners, here’s your chance to get in on a class that can mean extra income between sea assignments. It can be difficult to come across this one because you need it only once in your career, and it’s coming to the Seattle area in early December.

It’s the Training Trainers class, a five-day course offered by the Northwest Maritime Academy at the Seattle Maritime Academy in Ballard. Cost is $995, plus a 10 percent discount applies, points out Capt. Benjamin Garman, administrator of the Northwest Maritime Academy.

He talks about the upcoming Training Trainers class on his NWMA Weekly podcast with Chance Busey of Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard.

Watch below and follow the weekly podcasts and other Maritime Academy news on the Northwest Maritime Academy Facebook page

The class is for anyone who wishes to teach in the maritime industry, Garman explains.

“If you want to sign your name on a certificate that enables someone else to raise their license to another level, then you have to have a class — and that class is called Train the Trainer,” says Capt. Ben, who holds a 200 Ton Masters License. “You are allowed to teach up to your license level.”

trainers class

Capt. Patrick Boyle, right, has been teaching mariner classes for about 20 years.

The class is taught by the Northwest Maritime Academy’s Capt. Patrick Boyle, who has about 20 years of experience teaching maritime classes.

“He does a really good job,” says Capt. Garman, “and he’s a great person to learn this from, so this is a pretty good opportunity.”

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It’s an especially good opportunity with the course discount, not to mention quickly recovering your costs when you teach your first class, Garman reminds students.

“This is a lifetime Trainer certification and you can teach on your vacations, maybe picking up an extra couple thousand bucks when not at sea,” he says on the podcast.

For more information and to register for this class, go to Calendar & Registration on this website. Click on the Train the Trainer Class on Dec. 3. Use Discount Code Winter10 at checkout to get the 10 percent discount, plus you can compound that savings with other discounts.

Call Capt. Garman today today and see how to get in on this great deal: (253) 358-2447 or (253) 304-2054. He is ready to assist with registration & putting discounts into effect.

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