NWMA Weekly Speaks to Greenhorns

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NWMA Weekly Starts New Series on Tips for Greenhorns

The Northwest Maritime Academy is all about helping launch careers in the Merchant Marine. From training courses to weekly podcasts chock-full of good information every seaman needs to know, the academy makes it easy sailing for greenhorns starting out in the maritime industry.

Watch below as Capt. Benjamin Garman, administrator of the Northwest Maritime Academy, offers valuable tips on how to not stand out as “the new guy” on board a ship.

First up in his new NWMA Weekly series aimed at greenhorns, rules for being ready for Abandon Ship drills.

Be Ready for Drills:

  • Required Abandon Ship drills take place weekly, usually after lunch
  • Know your Bunk Card information: life boat assignment, station, duty
  • 7 short horn blasts and 1 long is the international signal for Abandon Ship
  • Be near your station
  • Do not be late to muster — to be counted and to perform your duty
  • Be wearing your Type I life jacket
  • Stand by and wait, assist as directed. Do not¬†mess with your cell phone
  • Wait for the 3 short blasts to be dismissed from the drill

For questions or more information, contact Capt. Garman at; or call him at (253) 358-2447

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