Mary Simmons

Mary Simmons
AHA & ARC Instructor

We recently moved from Green Bay, WI to the Pacific Northwest. We have settled in the South Sound and have been enjoying the many outdoor adventures that are found in the area.

I have been a nurse for 30 years. I have been fortunate to have has a varied nursing career. I have experience as medical and surgical nurse in hospital setting. Due to the many ailments and procedures that patients have in a hospital, I have a diverse and extensive knowledge and skills to effectively treat and give care to patients.

For a few years I was fortunate to be a school nurse. I was responsible for first aid for the students and staff. Managed the health room where I triaged children, screened certain grades for hearing and vision acuity, taught human reproduction classes to 5th graders and worked cooperatively with dental hygienist to present classes on oral health.

As a Home Health Nurse, I went into peoples home and gave post surgical care, taught diabetes management classes, monitored patients with various medical condition and obtained lab sample when needed.

I have been teaching CPR for the last 15 years in association with American Heart Association. In March 2016, I received from the American Red Cross certification to teach their classes also.

My husband and enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, cooking together. We look forward to our trips back to the Midwest and North East to spend time with our family.