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During our last Fast Rescue Boat Course with the crew of the R/V Kilo Moana, from the University of Hawaii, we got a chance to use our new GoPro Hero 5.

This was a learning experience to be sure.  I was learning how to use the camera, and trying to assist in the class as well, you really can’t do both I’ve found out. The takeaway is you really need to have a dedicated and more experienced videographer, as trying to grab great footage, and work the logistics of the class means your going to miss some great stuff, and we missed some great stuff.

But live and learn as they say, hope you enjoy our first installment of what we hope will be may more class videos to share on our Youtube Channel.

SideBar:  The crew of the Kilo Moana were absolutely fantastic to work with. They came to our Maritime Community from Hawaii during one of the worst stretches of weather anyone can remember, we got drenched just about every minute we were outdoors.  They took it all in stride, real troopers that crew.

~ Thomas Bliss

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