Able Body Seaman Course

Seafarers Worldwide Anacortes

This course is sponsored by Seafarers Worldwide Career Training 206 659 7178
Tuition $1,025
5 Days (40 Hours)
The Able Seaman (AB) endorsement is the first step
to launching your maritime career. In this course,
you will learn how to safely and effectively
participate as part of the deck department of a
vessel. This means being aware of their obligations
under Coast Guard regulations concerning safety
and protection of the marine environment, and being
able to take the practical measures necessary to
meet those obligations.
Whether you need the standard Lifeboat
certification, a PSC refresher course, or Proficiency
in Survival Craft Limited, we can help you identify
the course you need to complete your AB training
With your AB and PSC or PSC Limited certificates
from Seafarers Worldwide, along with the requisite
sea time, you will be able to apply for the following
United States Coast Guard endorsements without
any further testing:
• AB Unlimited requires 1080 days experience on
ocean waters and can serve as AB on any vessel.
• AB Limited requires 540 days experience on
vessels greater than 100 GRT operating on ocean
waters and can serve as any AB on vessels of less
than 1600 tons and constitute 50% of the AB on
vessels greater than 1600 tons.
• AB Special requires 360 days experience and can
serve as AB on any vessel less than 500 tons and
constitute 50% of the AB on vessels greater than
500 tons.
• AB OSV requires 180 days experience and can
serve as AB on any oil industry vessels less than
500 tons.
This course satisfies the training requirements of
STCW Code Section A-II/5, Table A-II/5, and the
competency requirements of 46 CFR 12.603(a)(4);
AND the written examination requirement of 46 CFR
12.405(a) for the “Deck General and Navigational
General,” “Deck Safety and Rules of the Road;”
AND the “Practical Marlinspike Seamanship
Demonstration” requirement of 46 CFR 12.405(c).
This certification is recognized by the United States
Coast Guard, Transport Canada, and other
international maritime regulatory authorities