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MOB Surface Swimmer

January 16 - January 17
LaConner, WA 98257 United States
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MOB Surface Swimmer

Man Overboard Surface Swimmer
Course Syllabus
Seafarers Worldwide Career Training 301 30th Street Anacortes Washington 98221

Course Description
MOB is one of the worst alarms to hear while underway. Decisive action is of primary importance for a Person in the Water (PIW). The action taken in the first few seconds after a crewmember falls overboard may decide the success of the recovery. This two-day course is designed for those persons who respond to incidents involving the rescue of a victim who is afloat on the surface of the water. The scope of the course is limited to training necessary for surface swimmer to assist a mariner overboard into a recovery device so they can safely be hoisted aboard the ship or a Fast Rescue Boat.
Course content the students will learn:
• MOB equipment and terminology
• Physiological effects of cold-water immersion
• Use of Jacobs cradle
• Use of life sling
• Use of swimmer tending line
• Hand signals
• Methods of water entry
• Rescue swimming procedures
• How to use a mask and snorkel
• Instruction and practice working with floatation devices
• Cross-chest control carries
• How to use thermal protective aids
Course Objectives:
At the conclusion of this course students will be able to:
• Describe the procedures consistent with the identified level of response capability to ensure that the rescue is performed in a manner that minimizes threats to rescuers and others.
• Discuss the inherent hazards associated with the waters served by the ship they are serving on.
• List the basic rescue techniques and procedures including components of a surface swimmer rescue.
• Identify surface swimmer defense techniques for release, and escapes from panicked victim.
• State the physiological and behavioral responses to cold water immersion.

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Able Body Seaman

January 17 - January 21
LaConner, WA 98257 United States
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Able Body Seaman Course

Presented by Seafarers Worldwide & The Northwest Maritime Academy

Tuition $900.

To register please call our office at 206 659 7178 or call Pat Boyle at 425 320 6441 or online at https://www.seafarersworldwide.com/event-info/able-seaman-33

This 4 day Able Seaman (AB) course is the starting point for all higher level certificates. This AB course also meets all the U. S. Coast Guard examination requirements, upon graduation the student may immediately transition to the next level course with no further U. S. Coast Guard examination requirements. Whether it be Lifeboat Limited certification or the standard Lifeboat certification, the follow-up course is staffed and ready to go. We will work to accommodate your schedule, and arrange for uninterrupted class days for swift advancement to the next level.

Course Duration: 5 Days (40 Hours)

Due to COVID–19, the Delta and Omicron variants, we are holding this class in two formats; One is a online telepresence format, this is led by Pat Boyle with comprehensive lesson to lesson instruction. The last day however must be completed in the classroom for the final exam and the knot practical. The second format is in the classroom. If you choose this format we abide by all COVID protocols; must must have had a vaccination shots.

In this AB course, you will learn how to safely and effectively participate as part of the deck department of a vessel. This means being aware of the obligations under Coast Guard regulations concerning safety and protection of the marine environment, and being able to take the practical measures necessary to meet those obligations. Whether you need the standard Lifeboat certification, a PSC refresher course, or Proficiency in Survival Craft Limited to complete your AB training requirements, you can avoid any extra hassle by taking the follow-up course with Seafarers Worldwide. We work to accommodate your schedule and arrange for uninterrupted class days for swift advancement to the next level.

Able Seaman (AB), is an MMC Rating issued by the USCG. More important, most seagoing vessels greater than 100 GRT need their crew to have an AB. To get an AB the mariner must: Firstly, have sea time on boats. And secondly, complete an approved AB course.

There are six AB ratings. Each is a different level. The higher the level, the more vessels the AB is qualified to work on. To explain, AB levels are based on the mariners sea time only. Therefor, advancement to a higher level AB is base of sea time alone.

The highest level is AB Unlimited. This AB requires 1080-days of sea time, on oceans. And, additionally can work on any type of size vessel.

AB Limited is one level lower. This AB requires 540-days of sea time, on oceans. And, can work on any type of vessel less than 1600 GRT.
One level lower is AB Special. This AB requires 360-days sea time on ocean, or navigable inland waters. Additionally, this AB can work on any type of vessel less than 500 GRT. To clarify, this AB is good for any towing vessel.

AB Fishing, AB Offshore Supply Vessel (OSV), and AB Sail are the lowest AB level. Each requiring only 180-days of sea time. And additionally, limited to one type of vessel.

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