About The Northwest Maritime Academy

At the Northwest Maritime Academy, we believe that maritime education is not just about information, or even just knowledge alone. It’s about how those things can connect us in a more profound and meaningful way with the world and with the other crew members aboard our own ships, as well as with those we encounter at sea.

Our Mission

We believe that practical skills, combined with professional experience and effective human interaction, are the most important components of ship operations. With that understanding, NWMA is committed to:

  • Developing the technical proficiency, skills, safety and environmental awareness of the U.S. seafarers
  • Maintaining a high and consistent quality of maritime education and training to ensure maximum transfer of learning
  • Continually upgrading and updating the existing courses with respect to content and instructional methodology, and developing new and relevant courses

Our Locations

The NWMA campus is not a self-study text-and-workbook system, nor a virtual-learning computer program. NWMA is an actual physical location, where mariners come together to engage with each other, exchanging ideas and expertise while contributing to the maritime experience, which we know to be the greater part of a true mariner’s education,

Located in the Pacific Northwest, the NWMA is comprised of:

  • The primary training campus on the historic waterfront of Gig Harbor Washington, located along State Route 16 about six miles from Interstate 5 over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.
  • A secondary campus, located on the Seattle waterfront, home to the NWMA motor lifeboat and rescue boat training facility.
  • The La Connor campus, serving the north end of Puget Sound, in a picturesque waterfront community situated along the Swinomish Channel.
  • Monthly classes in the Olympic Peninsula towns of Bremerton,, and Port Townsend, and Sequim.

Our Staff

The staff at Northwest Maritime Academy is dedicated to educating and empowering both old and new generation mariners with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed, safe decisions when operating and maintaining a vessel. Our courses are carefully designed to enhance confidence levels, strengthen skills, and develop a workforce of safer, more informed mariners.

Under the administrative prowess of Director Ron Roark, the Northwest Maritime Academy has set the highest standards in maritime education and initiated a comprehensive training and certification program for all mariners.

Senior Instructor Captain Patrick Boyle is acknowledged and certified by the United States Coast Guard as subject matter experts. Patrick has the solid foundation of the “old school,” but also recognize that today’s seafarers exist in a highly digitized society where it is imperative that they not only understand new technologies, but also how they must interact with those technologies. This is particularly important as the contemporary generation becomes the staple source of maritime employment, bringing with them their technological aptitudes and connectivity standards.