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Able Seaman Course April 10th, 2017

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Able Seaman & Survival Craft (Limited)
Course Runs April 10th-16, 2017

Join us for our April 2017 Able Seaman (AB) & Proficiency in Survival Craft Limited (PSC Ltd.) Combined Course presented by Seafarers Worldwide & The Northwest Maritime Academy in La Conner, Washington.


About The Able Seaman Course:

able seaman ab training courseThe Able Seaman (AB) course is the starting point for all higher level certificates. This Marine Training AB course meets all of the U. S. Coast Guard examination requirements, upon graduation the student may immediately transition to the next level course with no further U. S. Coast Guard examination requirements.

About The PSC, Ltd Course:

PSC stands for Proficiency in Survival Craft.

This two and one half (2.5) day course provides the knowledge, understanding, and proficiency required to take charge of a survival craft or rescue boat during and after launching as outlined in the STCW code.

This course is designed for inland mariners and focuses on the survival craft found onboard inland and near-coastal vessels. Perfect for Washington State Ferry Crew members, or for vessels without lifeboats.

This course satisfies the following STCW95 and CFR requirements:

• FR Title 46 Subpart 160.035 Lifeboats for Merchant Vessels
• CFR: Title 46 Subpart 160.056 Rescue Boats
• CFR: Title 46 Subpart 160.151 SOLAS Life rafts
• CFR: Title 46 Subpart 28.270 Instruction, Drills & Safety

At this training you will learn about Safety Guide Lines, Ship Emergencies, Abandoning the Ship, Personal Lifesaving Appliances, Rescue Operation’s, Life Rafts & Life Raft Launching Devices / Appliances, Location Aids, Signals and Signs in an Emergency.

This STCW course has been developed for seafarers who are responsible for the survival crafts and rescue boats during an emergency situation.

By following this training, participants should be able to be in charge of the survival craft or rescue boat during and after launching. Besides this, the delegates will learn how to deal with the crew members and the rescue boat, and provide first aid after abandoning the ship.

If you need more information please drop us a note via the contact form, or give us a call at 253-358-2447.


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